5 Top Tips for Booking a Pizza Slot…

Due to overwhelming demand for our “Dough Bellissimo” takeaway pizza service we have come up with 5 Top Tips for securing your slot.

If you would like to read more general information about our business, opening hours, ordering process and payment then please read this Blog Post here.

So here we go…

Number 1. Get your order in quick on a Monday for orders that week. Note: we only read and act on messages sent from 08:00. We take orders throughout the week and usually respond quite soon so send your message day or night.

Number 2: Be flexible on the day and time you would like. We have dozens of requests for every tea time slot on Friday and Saturday for a specific time… so keep your request “open” so we can fit you in around other requests. E.g. “We would like a Friday or Saturday slot between 5pm and 6:30pm.”

Number 3: Provide all the information we need in your first message you send. This includes Day(s), Time(s), Food Choices, Contact Name and Contact Number. If you are missing any information and have to request for more then your reply message will be received at the bottom of our read list and may be missed.

Number 4: Based on Number 3. If we do request further information then please respond asap… for example, alternative slots available may have been suggested to you but will have been offered to other customers too, so whoever gets back to us first gets the slot.

Number 5: We now only take Facebook and Whatsapp Messages for bookings so that we can be sure we are acting fairly and booking in requests in order from when we receive them.

We hope these tips are useful and look forward to seeing you sometime soon.

As lockdown eases we will relax the pre-order process. On Sunday’s we provide an “Easy Sunday” service so no pre-order required. Just call us on 07508 002288 to place your order and come and pick up.

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