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In this section we cover most of the frequently asked questions about our products and services. They are in no particular order so feel free to scroll down to the question that is most important to you right now. We hope we’ve covered it somewhere in here but if not, the answer is not too far away so make contact soon and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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Do you accept card payments?

Yes. We accept all cards and we do not charge any transaction fees.

Do you need to have an electrical supply or water?

While we do not require a water supply to run the bar we do stipulate that we must have access to  1 x 13 amp socket. If this cannot be supplied, then we offer a generator hire as part of your events package.

How much does it cost to hire the Hall & Smith Events Bar?

The bar costs £280 to hire which is payable upon booking, this includes:

  • Securing your chosen date and time
  • Full bar hire for the duration of your event
  • The option to customise the drinks /pizza menus
  • A Temporary Event Notice to allow the sale of alcohol at your event (councils charge for this)
  • Two fully qualified, friendly members of staff to run the bar and / or pizza trailer.
  • Disposable biodegradable drink wear and straws (glassware available for additional fee and if the venue permits)
  • Set up, decoration, lighting
  • Delivery (up to 30 miles). Additional cost over 30 miles.
  • Glass Collection & Clean down

Can we provide our own alcohol?

Unfortunately, we do not allow you to provide your own alcohol for Weddings and Private Events from the agreed bar opening time. We do provide a wedding breakfast drinks menu and table wine offer or this can be provided by you under agreement upon booking. For some Corporate Events we may allow you to provide your own alcohol, however this will need to be discussed and agreed upon before the event.

What is your staff uniform?

Our staff wear branded black polo shirts / t-shirts and either black or dark trousers / tights. Serving staff also wear branded black aprons.

Great! How do I book my vintage catering horsebox?

We can guide you through this process based on the type of service you require. In all cases we require you to complete a booking form which can be emailed to you. Please click here to see our contact details or to fill out an enquiry form.

What are the different pricing packages I can offer my guests for Dough Bellissimo Pizza?

Bellissimo Uno: Guests eat pizza “buffet style” on large wooden pizza boards and we top up as required until bellies are full.

Bellissimo Due: Mucha pizza as possible as we keep a tab on free pizza for your guests ordered when they want to.

Bellissimo Tre: Cheapa pizza… the host makes part per head payment so guests can take advantage of some great pizza deals.

Bellissimo Quattro: Guests are free to choose and pay for their pizza as they go with cash or card.

What do you serve your drinks in?

We take the greatest care to ensure that our carbon footprint and impact on the environment is minimised, therefore we only serve our drinks in disposable biodegradable clear glasses and we always encourage our guests to bring them back to the bar for their refill throughout the day / evening. Glass hire may be provided for an additional fee and if the venue permits.

Do you recycle your bar waste?

Yes, all of our bar waste is recycled after every event. We reduce, reuse and recycle as much as we can!

Does Hall and Smith need to be outside?

Not at all, providing we can access the building we can go wherever you need us to. We will speak with the venue beforehand to arrange access.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. We are fully insured with Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Employee Liability Insurance

What time do you serve alcohol until?

We’re not ones to stop a good party! However, we are governed by local licensing and venue restrictions. We will discuss this in advance with you.

How much are your drinks normally?

Very much product depending. Obviously, we must add our margin to the product, but usually bottled beers are £3.00, Wine (in Fizz) around £4/5 a glass and £12 a bottle, Spirits £3-4. Cocktails and champagne (on arrangement). Please look at are sample drinks menus for typical pricing.

What sort of events do you hire to?

The Hall and Smith events bar is suitable for a wide variety of different temporary events, from weddings, corporate hospitality, company product launches, sports events, festivals, outdoor concerts and equestrian events. If you are having an event just let us know and we will do our best to support you.

Do you offer soft drinks?

Yes, we offer soft drinks.  And, as an added bonus for you, as part of our commitment to drinking responsibly, we’re happy to offer free limited soft drinks to designated drivers at your event. Typically soda, cordials and some soft drinks.

Do we need to provide staff?

No, we provide you with at least two fully trained members of staff for each event. As a small business we value the relationships we have with them and their value to you.

Additional staff can be made available to support other areas of your event. Just let us know and we’ll help where we can.

When do you need to access the venue?

If we have not been to the venue before, then ideally, we would like to visit it beforehand. However, if that is not possible, we will talk to the venue in advance. Preferably we would like to set up 3-4 hours before. The minimum set up time is 90 minutes for the bar and 120 minutes for pizza.

What areas do you cover?

We’re based in North East Wales and so ideally suited to supply North and Mid Wales and the North West of England. Distance is not a problem and within a 30-mile radius of CH6 there is no additional transport costs.

How much notice do I need to give you to hire?

Due to the popularity of our mobile bar and pizza trailers, and also the timescales involved in obtaining temporary event notices, it is always best to book your catering trailer(s) as far in advance as possible.  This applies for events throughout the year, but even more so if your planned event is taking place during the peak periods like Bank Holidays, summer and Christmas.

What are the different pricing packages I can offer my guests for the Hall and Smith Bar?

Guests Bar: we arrive on the day and charge your guests by cash or card (yes, we can take all major card payments.

Hosts Bar: let’s say you want to contribute £500 to pay for your guests drinks. We will keep a running tab throughout your event so guests can enjoy drinks on you up until the agreed amount and then the bar will become a cash bar where your guests pay for their individual drinks.

Open Bar: your guests will not be charged and we settle up directly with you at the end of your event. Your minimum spend deposit for this option is dependent on the size of your event. Please contact us for further details.

VIP Package: 5 Star Service with wedding breakfast, table meals and evening drinks through the bar.

Can I customise the bar menu and branding / theme?

Yes, for an additional fee we can work with you to create a unique Hall & Smith bar or “Pizzatorium” to suit your type of event – weddings, birthdays and anniversaries can be tailored. We want your moments to be lasting memories.

Do you obtain the license?

Yes. If a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) is required, we will apply for this on your behalf. The cost of this is included in the booking fee.

Different councils require different notices, so we would need confirmation at the time of booking.

Yes. If a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) is required, we will apply for this on your behalf. The cost of this is included in the booking fee.

Different councils require different notices, so we would need confirmation at the time of booking.

Can you provide tea and coffee?

Unfortunately, we do not serve tea and coffee at this time.

Does Dough Bellissimo need to be outside?

It depends on the venue, so we would need to discuss with them. We can position alongside marquees etc giving the impression of being inside. As Dough Bellissimo uses a real wood fired pizza oven we need to ensure it is safe to do so.

How far can you travel?

Generally, we cover a 60 mile radius from CH6 7DG in North Wales. However, we are more than prepared to travel further, which may incur an additional costs and sometimes overnight accommodation.

What is the minimum spend?

Our minimum spend for Dough Bellissimo and the Hall & Smith Bar is £750 and is required 28 days before the event.

This covers insurances,planning, set-up, staffing, stocking and logistics costs whilst also ensuring an ethical profit just above our break even point.



What are the dimensions of the horseboxes?

Length: 4.5m, Height: 3m, Depth: 3m