Pomodoro Sauce v Pomodoro Technique

Our Dough Bellissimo Pomodoro Sauce.

We only use 100% Italian Pomodoro on our pizza bases.  They are the best tomatoes which are freshly picked during the Italian summer harvest season. The sauce is then reduced to 98% tomato once salt, sugar, onion, herbs and spices are added. These are exceptionally light ingredients in order to bring out the flavours of the sauce and create an authentic Neapolitan passata.

But did you know this?

The Pomodoro Technique

Millions of people across the world already use the Pomodoro Technique to transform their time management skills to get more done in the limited time we have. This simple technique is proved to make you more productive, focused and disciplined with your time.

Effective time management and productivity are challenged by the lack of time we believe we must get everything done. The Pomodoro technique encourages you to work with time as a partner, instead of struggling against it. It is simple to understand and start to use and can be life changing if you develop the habit and do not break the simple rules that the Pomodoro does for you.

This is fast track working with focus and intensity. You work in 25-minute blocks (called pomodoro sessions), these are followed by 5-minute breaks that help to rest the brain and prepare you for the next Pomodoro.

But taking a back step. Why is it named after the Italian word for tomato? The pomodoro technique was developed by Francesco Cirillo as a university student when he used a basic tomato shaped timer to measure his 25-minute working sessions. These intervals became known as pomodoro’s and the technique became popular with fellow students and colleagues. Cirillo asserted that he got more done, in 17 hours, than he ever did when he was constantly working a 60+ hour week. Word spread of the time management benefits of this simple system and the rest is history.

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