Sorry DB… I just don’t like the way you look!

It wasn’t you Dough Bellissimo, it’s me – I just don’t like the way you look. It’s a face over or there’s no future for us.

We recently had Dough Bellissimo resprayed is what was described by Hammerite as grey paint and as you can see from the photo she was not looking like the colour we were expecting… more a Lilac come pink and better suited to a Candy Floss Horsebox than a Pizza one. The “Grey” paint was mixed for us by a specialist company.

Yet it was obvious that something had gone wrong somewhere, so we sent a sample of the paint to the laboratory technicians at Hammerite to have the paint tested and verified. Sure enough, it was Lilac and way off the colour we were meant to have. Their investigation found that the paint had the wrong “recipe” of different colours that needed to be mixed. So we took DB to a local Spray shop, Tip Top in Flint, North Wales and got a great deal on some new state of the art paint called Rapture, sprayed in and Industrail Grey colour, the exact colour we wanted… and an ideal match with our Horsebox Bar “Hall & smith”.

There is an ongoing conversation going on with Hammerite about their mistake and hopefully we will get a decent compensation for the mismatch paint and also the cost of having to spray DB again.


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