Strapped for Cash? No Worries!

So you have set a budget for the evening and the conversation with your other half normally goes like “How much do you think we’ll need?” An amount is agreed… plus another £20 just in case.

So off you go to your special event and your budget looks to be holding up fine until you bump into a group of friends who you have not seen for a while just as you are about to pay for some drinks. Your head is saying “just pay” whilst your mouth blubbers out the immortal words “would anyone else like one?” Before you know it you have the full attention of your friends and the bartender for another 10 minutes as the drinks stack up on the bar and you rummage through your notes slightly sweating at the potential cost and the impact on your budget.

But don’t worry, at Rice Box Events we accept card payments from all the well known merchants including Contact and Apple Pay.

So when you are at our bar with your long lost friends just relax, whip out the card and enjoy the moment as your friends appreciate your generosity. And if you believe in Karma, your lovely gesture will repay itself by the end of the night.

Rice Box Events specialise in Vintage Horsebox Hospitality with the Hall & Smith Event Bar.

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