The Earth makes our day!

At Rice Box we are conscious of the impact we have on the environment. After all, we get through a lot of disposable material at events and festivals. Whilst we look at further ways to reduce our carbon footprint, these are the little things we have in place. (March 2020).

We welcome additional ideas and potential suppliers to approach us and let us know what we could do better or how we could go further.

  1. The BIG one! Burning wood in our Dough Bellissimo Pizza oven. We only use one type of wood which is cut from sustainable and managed sources. The carbon is off-set and each log is C02 neutral. Logs are high grade kiln dried for a moisture content less than 20% meaning less smoke and they create immense heat (4.8MWh/t) which is great for pizza cooking but also for the environment as we can minimise the amount of wood we burn.
  2. Pizza Boxes – we only use Kraft cardboard boxes which are compostable and recyclable.
  3. Our wooden cutlery is supplied by Edenware which is FSC registered and 100% biodegradable.
  4. We don’t use plastic straws on our bars. Full Stop!
  5. No Palm Oil is used in any of our food products or recipes.
  6. We use tissue based napkins provided by a local factory that although slightly flawed and would be thrown away by the factory are still perfect for mopping up a spilt drink or wiping your chops.
  7. Paper plates are Bio-disposable and 100% compostable
  8. Plastic Bar Glasses are 100% recyclable.
  9. At events, where possible, we sort waste and recycle.
  10. Our strategy to develop more pop-up street food units rather than towing heavy trailers.

Every day should be Earth Day.

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